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Acne Scars Reduction

We offer a number of treatments to help dramatically reduce the signs of acne scarring to restore your confidence in your skin. All our acne scar treatments aim to restore the supportive components, which help to plump and firm skin naturally.

CO2 Fraxel Laser

A new laser resurfacing procedure named fractional resurfacing is currently the most effective laser in the treatment of Acne Scars.

This laser resurface the skin gradually at a time.

Treatment are done everry 2-4 weeks.

Indications :

Wrinkles, Deep lines, Fine Lines, Poor skin tone and texture, Large Pores, Acne and sergical scars, Uneven pigmentation, Melasma, Stretch marks.

What is it?

Skin needling and chemical peels are used to effectively reduce acne scars on the face and body.