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Allergy Detection

What is Patch Test?

Patch Test is a simple test in which aluminium chambers containing the extracts of common allergens is applied on your back. Readings are taken at 48 and 96 hrs, if you are allergic to a particular substance a small rash will appear at the corresponding area, hence, the offending allergen is identified.

What are the common allergens?

Some of the common allergens can be pollen, molds, house dust, animal dander (skin shed by dogs, cats etc.) food products like milk, eggs, fish, chocolates, groundnuts etc., low grade cosmetics, plants, artificial jewellery, footwear, perfumes, cement and metals like nickel, cobalt.

What is the treatment of allergy?

The most important factor in treatment of an allergy is to minimize exposure to the offending allergen. However, when the allergy has flared up ,your doctor will prescribe you antihistaminic, nasal decongestants, oral or topical corticosteriods.

Allergies And Other Occurence In Our Environment !

Petrolatom (Used as Base / Vehicle)

Potassium Dichromate

Hexavalent Form of Chromium in cement tanning of leather , textile dyes, wood preservatives alloyes in metallurgy, safely mathes , photography, electroplating , anticorrosives , engraving and lithography , ceramics ,automobile industry. TV manufacturing photocopy paper , tattoos mascara/eye shadow pigments (Chromium Oxide) , milk testing , welding , floar waxes , shoe polishes , paints glues, pigments, detergents etc. may cause airborne contact dermatits.

Neomycin Sulphate

Broad-spectrum antibiotic in topical creams, powders,ointments, eye and ear drops. also as systemic antibiotic and grouth promoter in veterinary use. cross, streptomycin, spectinomycin, gentamycin, framycetin paromomycin, bacitracin.

Cobalt Chloride-hexahydrate

components in paints for glass or porcelaim. as siccative in paints, exposure list includes jewellery, zippers, buttons, tools, utensils, instruments, hair dyes. cosmetic and dental appliances etc. may produce erythema muliforme like eruptions and airborne contact dermatits.


local and topical anaesthetic used in products such as burn and sunburn remedies, hemorrhoidal creams, suppositories, creams for treatment of poison ivy. oral and gingival products, sore throat spray/lozenges, astringents, appetite suppressants. Cross: Para group of compounds, butethamin, procinamide, sulfonylureas-aminosalcylic acid , hydrochlorthiazid , PABA Á ester,azo/aniline dyes, PPD, Sulfonamides, Parabens.